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  • HAVE A GREAT TIME - Enjoy playing with high quality colored Magnetic Sticks and non-magnetic Balls. Recreation game with family friends build an unlimited amount of amusing imaginative and inventive sculptures, shapes, patterns and puzzles designs
  • INCREASE CREATIVITY WITH A STEM TOY – Developing creative and innovative thinking witty enjoyable creations with a STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Toy. Enhance Improve creativeness innovation intellectual power
  • SMART BRAINY ENTERTAINING & INTELLIGENT DEVELOPMENT PRESENT – Construction building toys are a fun way to help children develop patience, persistence, confidence and Imagination. A smart intellectual brain stimulating gift for family, friends, workmates, classmates, students, coworkers for every occasion celebration including birthday, Christmas season, Hanuka holidays and any other.
  • ENDLESS SHAPES, MODELS and CONSTRUCTION DESIGNS – With CAROLINA MILANO’s 280 pcs 8 colors Magnetic Sticks and 120 Non-Magnetic Balls you can create unlimited designs shapes envisioned from your imagination. Certain models require more Magnetic sticks and Balls, you can buy more CAROLINA MILANO sets (see ours Amazon store of current model selection)
  • SAFE TOY - Top quality materials with laboratory approval as a safe toy for children age 6 and more, Tested and approved to be Non-Toxic and BPA free, rounded parts design with no sharp edges for safe use by children

250pcs Magnetic Sticks and Balls Building Blocks Sculpture Educational L

  • Clever Smart and Intelligent toy game

    - This brainy recreational toy game is for kids (over 14 years) and adults is the right toy for everyone who love to play and learn at the same time
     - This game increases and enhance Intellectual power while you are creating great shapes from your imagination
    - Amusing enjoyable witty and fun for everyone, help to develop imagination logic creativity and inspiration to create your own designs
    - Develops imaginative, creative, logical and innovative thinking with new shapes and sculptures
    A present for everyone you love
    - This gift will be loved by everybody from your family and friends
    - The toy will be an attraction for every event, like:
     * Birthday
    * Holiday season
    * Christmas (xmas)
    * and other holidays or birthdays party you are invited to.
    Beautiful for office and home decoration
    - The gift for family friends, workmates, classmates, students, coworkers.

    Relax and Lower your Stress
    - Use the toy for anti stress reliever, relaxation and pressure relief.
    - Lower tension anxiety and nervousness.
     - more creative than a squeeze ball.
    - Lower disquiet and help with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) hyperactive ADD OCD and bring peace and quiet

    The Set includes - Double the Fun and creativity:
    - 10 Colors 1000 pcs 5MM set
    - Storage bag / travel bag <br>
    - Separator / cutting card
    - Instruction guide
    - Storage Tin Box

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